Portfolio Career Program

What is Portfolio all about?

Initiated by the College of Business in Fall 2009, the Business Portfolio Program—Portfolio for short— addresses issues related to the transition from college student to “real life”. Decisions about the future can be complicated and often intimidating for college students. Whether it’s finding your career passion or figuring out how to contribute to a greater good through that passion, we strive to equip you with the necessary tools for success and provide you with a competitive advantage. The Portfolio resources below are available to all college of business students during their undergrad years. 

Portfolio is a series of eight, required, non-credit semester courses. These begin in your freshman year with topics related to personal development and culminate in job search planning and interviewing in your senior year.

We invite you to explore the links below to learn more about available opportunities and resources.  

Job Search Videos Here


Portfolio Program Curriculum

Freshman Year

PFOL 100 & 101
Building your brand

Sophomore Year

PFOL 200 & 201
Marketing your experience

Junior Year

PFOL 300 & 301
Connecting to the real world

Senior Year

PFOL 400 & 401
Launching your career

* All topics and events are subject to change as the program evolves and as the job market changes.

** All business students must complete at least one 3-credit internship by the semester preceding their graduation; Junior standing is required to begin the internship.

The Portfolio Office is also your inhouse Career Services

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