Our Facilities

Ayala Stock Trading Room - College of Business - Loyola University New Orleans

The College of Business strives to educate students in a learning environment that enhances their educational experience, and to provide students with the technological tools they need to prepare themselves to compete in the global marketplace.

Carlos M. Ayala Stock Trading Room + Rathe Computer Lab

The Carlos M. Ayala Stock Trading Room on the first floor of Miller Hall provides a working environment for students enrolled in the Student Managed Investment Fund Program, which successfully manages a $1+ million dollar portfolio. A Bloomberg subscription provides real-time financial information and stock market data on four monitors and a continuous stock ticker. This guides business students in investment research and understanding of financial markets.

The Ayala room is also home to the Robert J. Rathe and Gustave H. Rathe computer lab, which is equipped with 20 professional dual monitor computer workstations for student use. Software includes Stata and SPSS for advanced statistical analysis. Business classes offered in the Rathe computer lab include Econometrics, Statistics, and Investments, which make full use of the advanced technology and software available to business students. The lab is open to all Loyola students.

Dean J. Patrick O’Brien Smart Classroom

The Dean J. Patrick O’Brien Smart Classroom, located in Miller Hall, Room 112, is equipped with the latest in state-of-the-art video-conferencing and multi-media presentation technology. Using this technology, students can connect to expert instructors without geographic restraints. The room was dedicated to O’Brien in November, 2008, and has been used for the instruction of real-time video-conferencing classes from expert music industry professionals in Shreveport, LA, and Nashville, TN. The room will be available in future semesters to students of other business majors, with instruction from lecturers and professionals from around the world.

Other Miller Hall Multi-Media Classrooms

Next door to the Dean J. Patrick O’Brien Smart Classroom is the largest classroom on campus, Miller Hall, Room 114. This classroom is equipped with multi-media presentation equipment and is available for student organizations, seminars and workshops, or guest lectures and presentations. It also serves as the meeting place for many of the on-campus activities in the Executive Mentor Program and the Dean’s annual convocation to new business freshmen.

College of Business Student + Faculty Data Servers

The College of Business maintains data servers for use by business faculty and students. The student server is on an internal network and is accessible in all classrooms and offices in Miller Hall. This server provides a place for business students to save their classwork and projects in a secure, convenient location. The College of Business also has a data server for faculty folders accessible to business students. Faculty use this server to provide data and course materials for students to complete required assignments. Both servers are web accessible from the College of Business homepage with a username and password provided to each student at orientation.