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An MBA to fit your learning style and schedule

Located in the historic, culturally diverse, and thriving city of New Orleans, Loyola University's College of Business offers an evening MBA program on a full-time or part-time basis. Whether you are looking to complete your degree in a full calendar year or take it at a slower pace, we will be able to accommodate you. Each class meets only one night per week, so you can easily fit your classes into your schedule

Which Loyola MBA program is best for me?

With full-time and part-time / executive style configurations, the Loyola MBA program will help you develop your own competitive advantage in the workforce. Whether you choose to participate full-time or part-time, you will have the opportunity to receive the same quality education with our talented faculty and share knowledge in the classroom with your fellow MBA students.

Our MBA program is offered in the following configurations: 

Full-time "Fast-track" Evening (1 yr)

Part-time "Professional" Evening (2+ yrs)

  • Ideal for business or other undergraduate students that are looking to complete their graduate degree in just one full year
  • Participate and collaborate with experienced executives in classroom with same course load
  • Complete three electives applicable to a general management course of study
  • Ideal for experienced executives that have been working for a number of years and are interested in advancing their career
  • Take as little as two courses per semester and still complete your degree in a little over two years
  • Complete your elective courses in a specialization track to gain knowledge in a specific field

Both programs share the same 40 credit hour curriculum. For more information about the program, see the university bulletin »

Specialization Tracks

In addition to our core courses, our MBA program offers 'specialization tracks' designed to increase our graduates' marketability in their professional fields of interest. Our 'tracks' consist of 9 credit hours of electives plus a 3 credit hour capstone project. To view elective choices for each track, please click here. Based on employer demand, our specialization tracks include:

  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Marketing 
  • Finance 
  • Operations

Additionally, we offer a dual MBA / JD (Juris Doctor) degree with the university's College of Law and a dual MBA / MPS (Master of Pastoral Studies) degree with the Loyola Institute for Ministry. For information on these joint programs, contact us directly. 

Immersion Weeks

Our innovative 'immersion weeks' provide an opportunity to interact with faculty, executives, and fellow MBA students in order to develop skills in a variety of topics not covered in traditional MBA programs. These intensive 4-night 'immersion weeks' are 1-credit hr. courses strategically placed throughout the fall and spring.

Students choose 4 of out our 5 immersion weeks in the MBA program, as outlined below:

  1. MBA Experience Week (req) 
  2. Venture & Ideation Week 
  3. Career Management Week
  4. Ethics and Social Justice Week Week (req)
  5. Business Law Week 
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