Make the sale, and so much more

Marketing today offers the creative and impassioned student exciting new opportunities and challenges.  The marketing landscape is changing rapidly with the rise of on-demand multimedia and social networking technology -- and Loyola's marketing major will show you how to get ahead of the curve. You'll be ready for a lucrative and exciting career in new product design and development, corporate brand management, special events planning and promotion, market research, consumer analysis, or more.

You’ll tap into your creative genius using your expertise in marketing concepts, theories, analytical methods, and practical techniques to help reach customers. Loyola offers you all the tools you will need to hone these skills, from state-of-the-art multimedia facilities to up-to-the-minute marketing data sources. You can also pursue a minor or double major in advertising, public relations, or graphic design through Loyola’s communication department.

Get to know our marketing faculty, and then explore the requirements of the degree program below.

Major in Marketing

Designed to help you understand the marketing process and how it integrates with the other functional areas of business, with emphasis on developing strategies and plans for various customer segments, environments, and conditions

If you entered in the... Your class bulletin is... Your required coursework is...
2010-11 Academic Year 2010-11 Bulletin 2010-11 Marketing DPCL
2011-12 Academic Year 2011-12 Bulletin 2011-12 Marketing DPCL
2012-13 Academic Year 2012-13 Bulletin 2012-13 Marketing DPCL
2013-14 Academic Year 2013-14 Bulletin 2013-14 Marketing DPCL


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