International Business


Be a global change agent

We live in exciting times – Rapidly changing technologies, the globalization of business, rising economic integration and interdependence of world economies, and the emergence of multinational and international organizations that conduct business worldwide. Now is your chance to be at the center of these exciting changes – as an international business major or minor.

Through courses in international economics, finance, marketing, management, strategy; courses in culture, history, political science and business practices in Asia, Europe, and Latin America; foreign language study; internships; and work abroad, and foreign exchange and study abroad programs, we prepare you to step into leadership positions in international organizations and firms that conduct business worldwide.

Get to know our international business faculty, and then explore the requirements of the degree program below.

Major in International Business

Designed to prepare you to manage and lead in today's increasingly interdependent global economy

If you entered in the... Your class bulletin is... Your required coursework is...
2010-11 Academic Year 2010-11 Bulletin 2010-11 Intl Business DPCL
2011-12 Academic Year 2011-12 Bulletin 2011-12 Intl Business DPCL
2012-13 Academic Year 2012-13 Bulletin 2012-13 Intl Business DPCL
2013-14 Academic Year 2013-14 Bulletin 2013-14 Intl Business DPCL


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