To whom much is given, much is expected

Just as any investor expects to receive a dividend as a return for his investment, you can expect to reap the benefits of a world-class career if you are willing to invest your time and effort into a degree in finance. 

The discipline of finance is not for everyone, as it is one of the most challenging of all business majors. But, if you are willing to work hard, are attracted to a challenge, are a mathematical and logical thinker, and want a career that will put you in the heart of the business decision-making process and give you an invaluable set of knowledge and skills, then finance is for you.

Get to know our finance faculty, and then explore the requirements of the degree program below.

Major in Finance

  • Designed to provide you with a fundamental understanding of the methods and techniques employed to manage the financial resources of an enterprise so you can function as an effective business leader.
  • Emphasis is placed on understanding and managing working capital, long-term capital, capital structure, and dividend policy, and on evaluating a firm’s financial condition and prospects.
If you entered in the... Your class bulletin is... Your required coursework is...
2010-11 Academic Year 2010-11 Bulletin 2010-11 Finance DPCL
2011-12 Academic Year 2011-12 Bulletin 2011-12 Finance DPCL
2012-13 Academic Year 2012-13 Bulletin 2012-13 Finance DPCL
2013-14 Academic Year 2013-14 Bulletin 2013-14 Finance DPCL


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