It’s not just about the money

You’ve probably heard that money makes the world go around, but you may not have known that economics can predict flu outbreaks, catch cheating sumo wrestlers, or help you get into law school. That’s why for a versatile, curious student, economics is the perfect major.

Economics examines the actions and choices that individuals in a society make to manage the scarce resources. Find out why the financial and political world works the way it does in a degree that will train you to think analytically and critically about complex problems. Armed with these skills, you’ll be ready for graduate school or your career.

Get to know our economics faculty, and then explore the requirements of the degree program below.

Major in Economics

Designed to provide you with a fundamental understanding of economic processes and the ability to critically analyze economic issues, so you can be an intelligent and informed business leader 

If you entered in the... Your class bulletin is... Your required coursework is...
2010-11 Academic Year 2010-11 Bulletin 2010-11 Economics DPCL
2011-12 Academic Year 2011-12 Bulletin 2011-12 Economics DPCL
2012-13 Academic Year 2012-13 Bulletin 2012-13 Economics DPCL
2013-14 Academic Year 2013-14 Bulletin 2013-14 Economics DPCL


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