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Mastering communication for the business world

Good communication skills are a valuable commodity in today’s job market. Corporations and organizations confirm that communication skills are one of the most important factors in considering a potential job candidate. (Want to see some numbers? Check out the 2011 Corporate Recruiters Survey Report and the 2006 Workforce Readiness Report Card.)

To help students achieve high-level professional writing skills, the College of Business offers in-house writing support through Business Writing Specialist, Bradley Warshauer. College of Business students of all levels as well as faculty members can benefit from Bradley’s expertise in professional writing.

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Students: Learn how to become a stronger writer

The Business Writing Specialist offers one-on-one appointments to provide feedback on your business writing assignments, answer any questions about business writing, and help you improve your writing skills. These appointments improve the writer—not (just) the writing—by identifying your strengths and weaknesses and giving you strategies and knowledge to write well.

Be sure to download a copy of the College's Business Writing Guide. The guide presents information about writing in the business world and guidelines to follow when writing your business assignments.

Faculty: Bring professional writing to the classroom

The Business Writing Specialist is also available to support faculty in bringing business writing to the classroom. Below are some of the ways that you can involve Bradley in your courses:

  • Student referral: If you have a student whom you think would benefit from working with the Business Writing Specialist, you can refer the student for one-on-one assistance.
  • Class presentations: Bradley is available to present or lead discussions on business writing in the classroom, including on particular topics of interest. Some previous presentations have focused on grammar and on business research writing.
  • Collaboration: Take advantage of having a writing expert by collaborating with the Business Writing Specialist's office. Some possible areas of collaboration include identifying writing goals for a course, creating effective rubrics (here is an example) and grading techniques, and developing stronger writing assignments.
  • Required visits: Some professors may wish to require a class to visit the Business Writing Specialist for a particular assignment. Required class visits not only help students to strengthen their papers but also introduce them to Bradley's office as a resource. Please contact Bradley before requiring a class to visit to discuss the necessary details.

Learn More: Resources for continuing success

The links below will connect you to informative resources on writing and business writing.